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Let bitter taste of beer join you on your feastdays

17 Dec

Let bitter taste of beer join you on your feastdays

The Pípa Beertheque in the bottom part of the Food Story complex in Dlouhá Street in Prague opened as early as in November. Since then it has been offering its guests an assortment of more than 150 bottled beers from different parts of the Czech Republic and from all over the world and 8 types of beers on tap, which are changing according to the current selection by the beer sommelier Robert Demeter. There are also several his Christmas tips, with which you can make your feast days pleasant.


What you will find on the tap in Pípa:


Christmas Star, Lužiny Brewery
Taste „bitter“ Chrtismas flavour at our place. Try first Lužiny dark beer named Christmas Star.


Permon X Mas, Sokolov Brewery
It is distinguished by its citrus (tangerine) and tropical fruit (pine apple, mango) scent. Flavour tones of malt and herbs prevail here. Beer is of medium to lower vigour and medium roundness. Higher bitterness is apparent here.


Christmas Matuška
When you take a smell at this beverage, you can lightly scent caramel, malt and soft coffee tones. Medium to higher roundness and relatively strong bitterness, however, beneath which the mild sweetness is well hidden, dominates in the flavour. It is very well-balanced and harmonious beer.


Christmas ginger special with honey, half-dark 13 %
It is unfiltered, unpasteurized and bottom-fermented special. It is brewed according to the traditional technology of double mashing. Beer has a unique half-dark colour of forest honey. Freshly grated ginger dominates in the aroma; the flavour is malt with honey notes.


Albrecht IPA 22 %, Frýdlant Castle Brewery
Light colour of this beer resembles the beginning of the Australian summer and Christmas spent on the beaches. This is extra fruity IPA hopped only with young Australian hops of Enigma, Victoria Secret and Topaz types.


Albrecht APA 12 % Melchior, Frýdlant Castle Brewery
Beer is deep- fermented and very light. It is very fresh, typical summer beer with combination of citrus and mango aroma with mild tones of raspberries and blackberries, which imparted to the beer by American aromatic hops „Cascade“, „Simcoe“ and „Equinox“. American hops have been used for cold hopping, too. Beer is distinguished with pleasant bitterness resembling a hint of red grapefruit and soft tones of tangerine, inviting to a further drink.


Père Noel 7 %, De Ranke Brewery
Even though Père Noël is a Christmas beer, it is very different from other beers. Christmas specials are mostly rich and sweeter; however, this one is distinguished by a beautiful amber colour and bitter flavour tones. The flavour complex is enriched by added licorice. Père Noel is brewed from the mixture of light, Munich and caramel malts and Brewers Gold and Hallertau hops.


XX Bitter 6,2 %, De Ranke Brewery
XX Bitter or Extra Extra Bitter is bitter blond from De Ranke Brewery. It is famous due to its very bitter and strong aroma. XX is brewed from light Pilsner malt with addition of Hallertau and Brewers Gold hops. Perfect combination, which is respected at both the national and international levels. This beer is a real inspiration for current „comeback“ of bitter beers in Belgium.


Kriek De Ranke 7 %, De Ranke Brewery
This unique Kriek is a mixture of two different styles of sour beers. Red-brown beer from the Roeselare/Kortrijk/Oudenaarde region and the beer of the Lambic style from the Pajottenland region in the proximity of Brussels. Red-brown beer of the own production ferments with cherries for the period of eight months. Subsequently, the original Lambic beer from the Girardin Brewery is added. Then beer matures for some time before it is ready to drink. It is an astonishing “fire fighter” against thirst, which doesn´t contain almost any sugar.


Noir de Dottignies 9 %, De Ranke Brewery
The strongest beer in the De Ranke Brewery offers a very rich flavour, which originates from six different kinds of malt. These malts contribute a dark brown to black colour of beer. Rich batches of Challenger and Žatecký hops create a typical balance between sweet and bitter flavours.


De Ranke Saison De Dottignies 5,5 %
One of the traditional craft De Ranke beers. Golden beer with a white firm froth, the flavour of grain and spice with fruity tones. The beer has a balanced and pleasant flavour. Moreover, owing to reasonable contents of alcohol the beer is drunk very well. If you wish to taste a perfect saison, it is a very good choice.


Lucky Bastard India 15 %, Brno Brewery
Lucky Bastard India 15 % is a top-fermented unfiltered light beer. It is a strong beer, in which the hop is used so that it would concentrate wonderful flavour and bouquet of citrus and ripe fruit. The result is therefore a distinct, yet balanced piece.